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Sand-Based Water Permeable Features
Sand-based Water Permeable Brick has very strong toughness, without sintering (burn), can be processed, ecological healthy product. It is water permeable, ventilation, sustain pressure, sustain friction, sliding proof etc. characteristic.

Two Innovative Features
Original innovative new water permeable theory:
Destroy water surface tension, replace traditional gap water permeable.

New innovative permeable cementitious flat bed:
Has high adherent strength, and good water permeable, avoid water not permeable problem in traditional cement mortar.

Product Features
1. Use desert Aeolian sand as material, new technological way to cure sand, without sintering, save energy.
2. Surface is smooth and compact, difficult to blocked by dust, filter and purify, self purify ability.
3. Long water permeable effective time, fast, heavy rain make no runoff, water stagnant, and fill in underground water.
4. Water permeable, ventilation, a new ecological skin for Earth to “breath”.
5. Moisturizing, drop temperature, water conservation, ease city “Heat Island Effect”.
6. Snowmelt, slide proof, self to travel.
7. High bending strength, sustain pressure, sustain friction, can bear 70 ton large truck.
8. Can recycling (only consume small amount of energy, can change old brick to sand, then reproduce to brick, this technology already patent registered).
9. Low maintenance cost, sweeping will do.

Five Major Effectiveness (4 savings, 1 ecological)
Save Energy:
use sand to replace cement, without sintering (burn), save energy.
Save Water: Merit water permeable and unique pavement structure, truly realize rain use, fill in underground water.
Save Material: 97% of material is desert Aeolian sand, save precious lane mine resources.
Save Land: Realize rain water collect, filter and purify at the same time, save precious city land resource which use for standard step-by-step rain water collect and process. Use sand as material to save clay brick land resource. Consume desert sand, return soil.
Ecological: Water permeable, ventilation, moisturizing, sound absorptive, snowmelt, sliding proof, sustain friction, etc.

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