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Rainwater Reuse Infiltration System
Underground applied with water permeable well, water permeable drain, water permeable rock, water permeable drain cover, main hole etc compose to become rainfall reuse Infiltration system. Truly collect rainfall, permeable into underground, fill in underground water. Please see diagram below.

No. Description
1 Sand-based Water Permeable Drain
2 Sand-based Water Permeable Drain Cover
3 Sand-based Water Permeable Well
4 Overflow pipe
5 Impermeable layer
6 Overflow pipe
7 Sand-based Water Permeable Main Hole
8 Sand-based Water Permeable Brick
9 Sand-based Water Permeable Curb
10 Grade Sand Course
11 Tar road surface
12 Sand-based Water Permeable Tree Base
13 Water permeable concrete
14 Cementitious Flat Bed
15 Sand-based Water Permeable Well Base

Collect and reuse rainfall theory:
1. When rainfall flow along horizontal plane of tar road surface to both sides of road, via Sand-based Water Permeable Drain Cover [2] quickly permeable to Sand-based Water Permeable Drain [1]; when rainfall flow into water permeable drain [1], at the same time, water is permeable downward. If rainfall volume is over the water permeable speed, it will overflow to water permeable well [3] via overflow pipe [4]; If meet very heavy rainfall, water in volume is faster than water permeable speed in water permeable well [3], water will overflow via overflow pipe [6] to existing drainage system.

2. In order to prevent sudden moment serious rainstorm floods, that the rainfall volumes over the water permeable speed of water permeable drain cover [2], using existing drain hole for overflow use, drain away extra rainwater, to eliminate flooding.

3. For walking road, water permeable brick with high pavement water permeable rate, can realize rainfall infiltrate.

Rainfalls Reuse Infiltrate System Features:
The most notable feature is the pavement water permeable road surface on both vehicle roads. A lower cost solution to collect rainwater on vehicle road surface, the specific features as follows:

1. Good water permeable, prevent flood
Product applied is Sand-based Water Permeable Series Products, combine to water permeable system, has unique water permeable theory, destroy water surface tension to realize water permeable. Special material make water when contact at brick surface, water surface tension can quickly destroy and decrease, increase water permeable ability, realize high efficiency water permeable. Normally water permeable rate is 6.8 x 10-2cm/s, which is 6.8 times more than standard value. It can be customize to become 20 x 10-2cm/s.

According to above water permeable speed, Rainfalls Reuse Infiltrate System can drain up to 6000mm/24h, this infiltrate system can stand 50years 1 time, serious strong rainstorm (rainfall volume reach 150mm/24h). It can drain water on tar road surface which area is 40 times more than sand-based water permeable road surface. Drain ability is advantage.

2. Long water permeable effective period
System use sand-based water permeable brick’s theory to product water permeable drain cover, well and etc. Surface is compact, gap is smaller than dust diameter, therefore difficult to block by dust, and has long period of water permeable ability; so far 3 years installed pavement sand-based water permeable brick sill has very good water permeable ability.

3. Strong load ability
This system is using natural Aeolian sand as material, via binding (one type of organic material), produce after compress. Because has strong toughness (resist pressure can reach 88.5Mpa), resist bending can reach 83.85kN (13 times more than standard value), therefore has very good toughness. In addition to drain cover thickness and binder, increase binder, etc method, to increase toughness. Hence, the combination of water permeable drain and drain cover has very high load ability. For the diagram below, a truck has 30 ton load is park on above the drain cover, that drain cover is good in condition.

4. Easy to install
According to customer needs, can be customize, to ease installation; especially water permeable road surface installation (compare to tar road surface), install water permeable drain, drain cover is faster.

5. Economical
This infiltrate system is not only has the unique water permeable function, effectively let rainwater permeable to the bottom, fill in underground water, and also can solve heavy rainstorm floods. In addition, pavement with sand-based water permeable road surface (compare to tar road surface) is only partial pavement, can largely decrease pavement cost, is good economic.

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