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Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

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Rubber Speed Hump
It adopts the synthetic rubber for the manufacture with strong elasticity, fine durability, easy installation, black and yellow alternation, wanton combination. It functions as damping etc.
Model: BOSS-TF-G1
Size: 250x350x50mm
170x350x50mm (Head)
Model: BOSS-TF-G2
Size: 250x350x50mm
170x350x50mm (Head)
Model: BOSS-TF-G3
Size: 500x350x50mm
170x350x50mm (Head)
Model: BOSS-TF-G4
Size: 500x350x50mm
170x350x50mm (Head)
Model: BOSS-TF-G5
Size: 250x400x70mm
200x400x70mm (Head)
Model: BOSS-TF-G6
Size: 100x380x50mm
170x380x50mm (Head)
Model: BOSS-TF-G7
Size: 1000x350x50mm
170x350x50mm (End size)
Model: BOSS-TF-G8
Size: 500x400x65mm
250x400x65mm (End size)
Model: BOSS-TF-G9
Size: 470x600x30mm
Weight: 7.0kg
End size: 225x600x30mm
Middle part size: 470x600x30mm
Reflective tape: 120x120mm
Weight: End-4.0kg
Middle part: 7kg
Model: BOSS-TF-G10
Size: 270x900x50mm
Weight: 6.5kg
End size: 500x900x50mm
Middle part size: 500x900x50mm
Reflective tape: 110x250mm
Weight: End-17.0kg
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