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LED Street Light
Application: Urban road lighting (including sub highway, major highway), station, square yard and etc.

Equivalent to High Pressure Sodium Lamp 400W 250W 100W 70W 70W 50W
Application Major highway Secondary highway Sub road Sub road Sub road Sub road or yard
Watt 105W 92W 48W 42W 44W 20W
LED 2.2W x 48 2.2W x 42 1W x 48 1W x 42 2.2W x 20 1W x 20
Luminous Flux 4000~4600lm 3500~4000lm 2300~2600lm 2000~2200lm 1700~2000lm 1000~1200lm
Size 605(L) x 372(W) x 94(H) mm 436(L) x 200(W) x 62(H) mm
Weight 7~8kg 4~4.5kg
Input Voltage AC160V~AC250V
Material Aluminum die casting lamp and luminaire as one, surface anodizing, can use more than 10 years.
Protection Level IP65
Shock Proof Protection Level Grade I
Respiratory System No need
Working Environment -30°C~+40°C
Luminaire Lifespan 50,000 hours, light depreciation less than 30%, (more than 10 years for street light usage, 12 hours per day)
Color Temperature Can be customize between 3500~7000K
Imaging Index 75~80

1. 4500-6500K Color Temperature, Imaging Index 75 ~ 80, and lamps luminous color closer to natural light. Compared with the high-pressure sodium lamp, human eyes feeling the same brightness with much lower light intensity, and color more natural. Therefore, 100W LED light is equivalent to 400W high-pressure sodium lamp.
2. Low power consumption as compare with high-pressure sodium lamp. Under the same visual conditions, energy can save 70%. Compared with incandescent lamp, energy can save 90%.
3. High light source utilize rate, about 90%. When LED emits light, it has certain angle. Mostly direct exposure to a specific region. Only a small portion is reflective. Hence, light source utilization rate is high.
4. Long lifespan. More than 50,000 hours of continuous usage time. No need to maintain.
5. Light weight, only 7~8kg.
6. No need to install extra ventilation system.
7. Because LED Street Light has composition of 10 or more LED components, even some LED components are damaged, will not have a significant impact on operation. Unlike high pressure sodium lamp, light off if damaged. As a result, LED light is much more reliable than high pressure sodium lamp.
8. Despite purchase price for LED Street Light is relatively higher. However, early total investment (including supporting cables, transformers), is lower cost than the high pressure sodium lamp. When taking long term usage into account, long life LED, low maintenance cost and energy saving obviously prove than LED Street Light is much cheaper than high pressure sodium lamp.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Luminaire and LED Street Lighting Comparision

No. Title HPS LED
1 Power Consumption High Low, only 30% on HPS
2 Working Environment -25°C~+45°C -30°C~+40°C
3 Color Temperature 2000~2500K 3500~7000K
4 CRI 20~25 75~80
5 Input Voltage AC220V ± 10% AC160V~AC250V
6 Luminaire Efficiency 40% 90%
7 Luminaire Lifespan 8000~15000hours 50000hours
8 Fitting Lifespan 5~7years >10years
9 Breathing System Need No need
10 Operating Time about 5~10 minute Immediate operate, no delay
11 Continuous Operate Not allow, need to wait few minutes Allow
12 Protection Level IP65 IP65
13 Shock Protection Level Grade I Grade I
14 Heat Emission Volume Big Small

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Luminaire and LED Street Lighting Brightness Effect Comparision
Overall consider fitting's luminaire usage rate, CRI, power efficiency and street lighting standard requirement, LED street lighing only need small power, can be replace high power HPS.

1 400W 105W
2 250W 92W
3 100W 48W
4 70W 42W

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